The CANDO Avenue (“The Ave”)

                 The CANDO AVENUE is the road of achievement through Constellation CANDO,                                                the achievement universe found in one’s own imagination!


                                   Ladybug landing Flashmobile on parcel field runway while sending out Newsflash announcing arrival.


We are ALL CANDO kids, and we ALL can have a platform in creating and participating to be the BEST we can be! In our mind’s eye, let’s leave behind the OLD world filled with Violence, Pain, Hate, Anxiety, etc., and UNITE in a place to ….

Create A New Dimension of Optimism! CANDO!!

Can you imagine a virtual real estate development where we are the owners of virtual parcels? 

And from these parcels we can create, buy and sell products, skills and services, share ideas and concepts, and participate together to raise our consciousness and reach our highest potentials- all while generating income and creating economic flow??

                                                        Introducing….“The Ave”!

As a virtual property owner, you have the desire to contribute to this potential, and be supportive of, and supported in, a positive environment.

You can link your own website/information to promote and express and network yourself and/or product…

Visit other parcels and share in others’ projects and visions with positive, like minded folks, (“Avies”) all along “The CANDO Avenue”…

Create in unity to manifest our dreams and desires…

Market your vision and get Support to accomplish anything!

Hop aboard the Sunshine Train… Get your “ticket” into a journey and platform to RAISE your level of awareness and reach your HIGHEST potential where the possibilities are endless…

ANYTHING is possible on The AVE, as The AVE transports Hope and Success to our own Planet Earth!                                                                                                                                



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Ready to see more??

Hop back on the Sunshine Train and let’s head over to CANDO Studios in Production…

Powered by Your Imagination!